Information for Health Professionals

Note: This page will be updated in light of the research by Chappell et al 2019, which shows that UDCA is not an effective treatment for ICP.

ICP Support is committed to raising awareness of the condition in both the public and health professionals sectors. We are fortunate that, as some of us work in one of the world’s leading research groups, the information on this website is up to date and research-based. You can be reassured that we will always do our best to accurately represent what is currently known about the condition.

The information provided here may be helpful for obstetricians, midwives and GPs.

We know that diagnosing, treating and managing ICP, both during and after pregnancy, is very challenging for health professionals. The lack of scientific evidence about issues such as treatment – for example the efficacy of UDCA (ursodeoxycholic acid), why there is a risk of stillbirth or the importance of bile acids – all adds to the uncertainty of exactly how to look after someone with ICP. The current RCOG Guideline has attempted to address this, but is constrained by the need for medical evidence on what constitutes best practice. We have created this section of the website to signpost you to research papers that may help add to your knowledge of the condition, to update you about what research is currently taking place into ICP, and to highlight anything else you may find helpful.

We are always delighted to receive feedback about how we can improve these pages, which are under continual development. Please contact Jenny Chambers ( to let her know your thoughts.