Corporate supporters

We’re a small charity but we’re growing! The number of people joining our main Facebook group is rising rapidly, over 4,000 people per month visit our website and calls to our support line are also increasing.

To maintain the support we provide and to continue to raise awareness of this potentially devastating condition of pregnancy we need financial help, so if you think your company might be willing to support us you could consider the following.

  • Financial gifts, such as cash donations are vital to us and can often attract tax relief through approved schemes.
  • Gifts in kind, such as products, services and professional advice can really help us. Gifts make great prizes for further fundraising initiatives, professional advice helps us to ensure that we grow as a charity within our regulatory framework and provision of services such as printing (for example our planned information booklet) allows your business to be showcased.
  • Staff fundraising – if you have staff or you are part of an organisation you could make us your Charity of the Year and fundraise for us. This not only helps us financially but it can also help others: some of your staff members or colleagues may be pregnant or know someone who is pregnant and being aware of this condition can make all the difference to their pregnancy.

If your company can help in any way, please email Joe Heeney:

You can see our current supporters here.