What people say about ICP Support

ICP Support makes a real difference to people. Here’s what families tell us. This is why your support will make all the difference.

Imagine being told that your baby could die because your liver isn’t working properly. Then imagine being told that there is no cure and no treatment that is proven to work. Wouldn’t you wish that someone, anyone, was trying to stop this happening? I’ve been through four ICP pregnancies and I know the stress and heartache that it causes. I believe that ICP Support is key to helping scientists find out how to protect our ICP unborn babies, so please help them in their fight to spare other women the suffering I went through.

Kerry Tomlinson

ICP Support is such a worthwhile investment for the community, encouragement, and education it provides. They helped me bear such a heavy load when time crawled by itch by itch till my son got here safe and sound. My husband and I, my friends and family, found this resource a steady rock during such a stressful shaky time. For your support and gift that becomes a blessing to so many ... Thank you!

Christina Howell

ICP Support was the only place I felt normal. I had support through the darkest hours suffering this condition and a place I could ask any question or air any worries I had. The best part is that in the Facebook group it feels as if we are one big virtual family supporting each other on our uneven journey through an ICP pregnancy – it’s a lifetime memory that parents never forget. The condition isn’t well known, like many other of the dangerous illnesses, but it’s one that can sadly result in stillbirth and we need to support the vital work that the charity does.

Melissa Clements

Here’s what one of the dads told us:

As parents-to-be we all celebrate getting to the 12 week stage, the scan at 20 weeks and maybe finding out whether the baby is a boy or girl, but when your wife starts to itch and feel unwell and is then told that she has a condition called ICP, it’s earth shattering. I felt so sorry watching my wife tear at her skin and have the endless worry of movements together with endless hospital trips.... I felt so helpless and scared. I believe mums who cope with ICP during their pregnancies are made of something special as I couldn’t be as brave as them! But I know that the charity was a great support to her and to me as well, so supporting their work will help other families who have to go through what we did.

Mark Clements