ICP Support terms and conditions and fundraising policies

Whilst raising money in aid of ICP Support I/we will:

  1. Understand that all my/our fundraising activity should be registered with the ICP Support Finance & Fundraising team in advance.
  2. Use my/our best endeavours to raise money for ICP Support, and ensure I/we will not do anything that threatens the ICP Support reputation or name. If I/we do, ICP Support has the right to ask me/us to cease fundraising on their behalf.
  3. Do my/our utmost to reach the minimum sponsorship target set for my/our event/activity and inform ICP Support if I/we think I/we will not be able to reach the target. I/we understand that Gift Aid does not constitute part of the agreed minimum target amount.
  4. Where possible, meet the costs of events by sourcing sponsors and managing cash flow so as not to require ICP Support funds for event management.
  5. Contact the ICP Support Finance & Fundraising team before approaching a celebrity so that ICP Support can coordinate all contacts and have a record of who has been approached and by whom.
  6. Contact the ICP Support Finance & Fundraising team before approaching national companies so as to avoid duplication of contact and let the ICP Support Finance & Fundraising team know about any useful contacts who wish to support ICP Support in the future.
  7. As an independent supporter (as opposed to an employee or paid fundraiser for ICP Support), note that I/we should refer to my/our fundraising as being ‘in aid of’ ICP Support (and not ‘on behalf of’ ICP Support).
  8. Ensure that all fundraising activity is carried out in accordance with the ICP Support core aims and objectives and if I am/we are unsure in any way to speak to a member of the Finance & Fundraising team. Donors must be made aware of how ICP Support is benefiting from the event or activity as this is a legal requirement, e.g. the amount per ticket sold that will go directly to ICP Support.
  9. Use only official ICP Support sponsorship forms which contain wording approved by HMRC to enable ICP Support to claim Gift Aid.
  10. Not use any unlawful means by which to raise funds for ICP Support.
  11. Declare that I/we have no prior criminal convictions for fraud or dishonesty.
  12. Advise ICP Support of the name(s) and contact details of any/all parties raising money for ICP Support on my/our behalf.
  13. Ensure that If I am/we are organising an event in aid of ICP Support, I/we read and familiarise myself/ourselves with the information sheets provided in my/our fundraising pack, particularly, ‘Planning and Organising’ an event and ‘The Legal Bit’ (also available online).
  14. Accept full responsibility and liability for the secure safekeeping of all funds raised or donations received on behalf of ICP Support.
  15. Keep proper records of all receipts and outgoings relating to the fundraising activity and submit full and accurate financial records to ICP Support in relation to all funds raised on behalf of ICP Support immediately upon completion of the fundraising activity, or as may otherwise be requested by ICP Support from time to time. ICP Support shall have the right to inspect all or any such records upon demand.
  16. Encourage eligible donors/sponsors to make Gift Aid declarations so as to make the most of my/our fundraising efforts by enabling ICP Support to recover basic rate tax on the donations. I/We will ensure that those claiming Gift Aid are entitled to do so (visit for help on this).
  17. Ensure that if I am/we are under 18, my/our parent/guardian needs to take responsibility for me/us under these T&C (which you have shown them). Also ensure that my/our parent/guardian is happy about the fundraising activity I/we have chosen to do.
  18. Agree to pay all proceeds of any fundraising event to ICP Support no later than six weeks after the date of my/our event and not to deduct any costs unless agreed in writing with the ICP Support Finance & Fundraising team. If I am/we are unable to return money within this timeframe I/we must tell the ICP Support Finance & Fundraising team. I/we understand that when I/we are raising money in the name of ICP Support I/we have a legal responsibility to ensure all money raised is paid to ICP Support.
  19. Ensure that all cheques are made payable to ICP Support and returned to ICP Support, 69 Mere Green Road, Sutton Coldfield, B75 5BY, ensuring my/our Supporter ID is detailed on all accompanying documents. If paying funds directly into the ICP Support bank account, ensure that I/we use correct and up-to-date bank details and include my/our Supporter ID. I/We understand that if I/We use the ICP Support Justgiving page to pay any money in that I/We have raised we do not tick the Gift Aid box as this money will not be eligible for Gift Aid.
  20. Understand that it is strongly recommended that I/we send all monies raised via recorded delivery so that I/we can track and hopefully retrieve my/our envelope should it go missing. I/we also understand that post does go missing from time to time, and it’s hugely disappointing for both supporters and ICP Support, so it is always worth the extra effort.
  21. Return any unused branded materials including collection tins to ICP Support. However, if I am/we are planning more fundraising events I/we will let ICP Support know, as it may be simpler for me/us to retain the materials.
  22. ICP Support would like to receive photographs of my/our event – if I/we wish to share these with ICP Support, I/we should email them to and ICP Support will use them to promote their work. I/we consent that photographs taken during my/our fundraising activity may be used to publicise the work of ICP Support generally.
  23. Ensure that I/we have read and understood the following ICP Support points and policies relating to fundraising:
    Lotteries, Raffles, Collections and House to House
    • Not to carry out house-to-house collections or leaflet drops.
    • Not to collect in any public place or on a pub crawl without first obtaining a collector’s license from the appropriate local authority (usually the police or the council) and then providing ICP Support with a copy of the license.
    • Not to collect on private property (including shops, pubs etc.) without first obtaining the permission of the owner.
    • Not to hold a raffle (not including a same day raffle using cloakroom tickets) without contacting ICP Support first to obtain permission and to make necessary arrangements for a license.
    ICP Support Branding, Copyright and Intellectual Property
    • To ensure that whenever the ICP Support name or logo is used in written materials I/we contact ICP Support for prior approval and show ICP Support any material prior to printing and distribution. For example, in posters, leaflets and invitations advertising an event or in press releases or letters to companies. I/we agree to use these in accordance with the ICP Support Brand Guidelines.
    • Only to reproduce ICP Support trademarks, logos, marks, copyrights, photographs and website links, as and when strictly authorised to do so in writing by ICP Support. ICP Support retains all rights to its intellectual property at all times.
    Permits and Insurance
    • That I/we understand that ICP Support insurance policy will not cover my/our fundraising activities. I/we will obtain and maintain all adequate and appropriate insurances (if any) prior to the commencement of the fundraising activity and will indemnify ICP Support in relation to any loss, damage, costs, claims, injury or death suffered by me/us or any third party.
    • To accept that it is my/our sole responsibility to obtain all necessary and appropriate permits, licenses, approvals and consents prior to the commencement of the fundraising activity. I/we will abide by all by-laws and regulations relevant to fundraising pursuant to the most up to date legislation governing charities.
    • To ensure that a member of ICP Support Finance and Fundraising team reviews any contracts before they are signed.
    • That I/we understand that ICP Support will, in no way, be liable for any claim which may arise from this event. I/we acknowledge that the individual(s)/organisation is undertaking this activity entirely at their own risk and that ICP Support shall not be liable for any injury or loss that might occur as a result of this event.
    Restricted Funds Policy
    • To be aware that supporters may choose to give part of their gift or fundraising donation to a specific appeal or project within ICP Support. If I/we would like to consider I/we will get in touch with the Finance & Fundraising team on 07709 634497 or email I am/we are aware that due to the accounting systems in place ICP Support is unable to restrict funds received retrospectively, and restrictions can only be applied from the date any instruction is received.