Legal requirements

If you are holding a public event in aid of ICP Support you are responsible for ensuring that it complies with the law and is safe for all concerned. ICP Support cannot and does not accept liability for your events or responsibility for accidents.

Please do take the time to read through and consider the following:

  • Public safety at the venue Have a copy of the venue’s health and safety policy and fire evacuation plan. Make sure the fire exits are clearly marked and there is equipment for putting out fire, e.g. fire extinguishers. Contact your local fire brigade for more information. Liaise with the venue manager to remove obstructions and clearly mark any areas where people may slip or fall.
  • Access for people with special needs Consider access and escape exits for wheelchair users and people with mobility problems, impaired vision or hearing. Consider having materials in large print for people with impaired vision.
  • Equipment If you are planning on using equipment at your event (for example a candy floss machine or a tea urn), make sure that people are given proper instructions on how to use the items safely. If contractors, subcontractors or external facilities are used, make sure they have the relevant experience and comply with insurance and health and safety standards.
  • Cash Prior to the event make arrangements to store cash securely during the event. Ensure you have a made plans to transport it from the event for safekeeping. If you are transporting large amounts of money ensure you travel with a companion. If you are challenged for the money please do not take any personal risks. Two people should always be present when counting money.
  • Personal belongings Event volunteers should only bring the minimum of personal belongings as ICP Support cannot be held responsible for people’s property being lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Clothing Make sure the people helping you run the event have the right clothes for the external conditions, such as rainwear, a sun hat or high visibility jacket.
  • First aid Ensure you have a first aid kit and put someone in charge of first aid. Contact your local St John Ambulance or Red Cross for advice or assistance.
  • Food hygiene If you plan to sell food at your event, food safety laws apply. You need to be aware of these and follow food hygiene procedures, e.g. wash hands frequently and keep worktops, cloths and kitchen utensils clean. Never let raw meat touch other food (don’t use the same chopping board). Hot food should always be served piping hot and meat should never be served pink. Cold food should be served chilled. Further information can be obtained from your local authority environmental health department.
  • Food allergies We recommend that you state that you cannot guarantee that food served is nut- or nut derivative-free. When serving food items such as cakes, we suggest that the ingredients are listed.
  • Hot Liquids Where hot drinks are being served, please display a ‘Caution: hot’ sign.
  • Alcohol Make sure bar staff know they cannot serve under 18s or adults who seem drunk already. It is best if bar staff and other people running your event remain sober so that they can deal with any problems that arise. If you are selling alcohol at a venue that does not normally serve alcohol you will need a license. Contact the Licensing Department at your local council. Alternatively, you could hold your event on licensed premises.

Insurance and legal requirements

If you organise an event that involves the public in any way you will need to ensure that you or the venue have public liability insurance. We can help you with this so please contact us for support.

Check that the venue has the required licenses (performance licenses for music, film, plays and dance events, late night opening and sale of alcohol by retail). If not, licenses are usually obtained from your local council.

Street collections are subject to local council and police regulations and you need to be over 16 to take part.

Raffles are also subject to guidelines – the easiest way is to sell tickets at your event (maximum of £2 per ticket) and draw the raffle on the day. Try to get prizes donated because there is a maximum you can spend on prizes.

Any money you raise must be sent to ICP Support (see ICP Support terms and conditions and fundraising policies).

Useful websites

Our thanks go to Sands for allowing us to use information from their own website: