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This overview of ICP was the first big paper to come out in the UK and it made my life much easier when sending information to women and health professionals about the condition, as up until then the papers I had been using were from abroad.

It helped that the authors addressed the problem I was facing, which was to get doctors to take the condition seriously. At this stage I was having a few phone calls from irate consultants telling me that I was frightening women, and that I needed to stop talking rubbish. Here’s what the paper said that helped me to give them the evidence that I did know what I was talking about (and that’s because I had the support of specialists in ICP, including one of the authors, Mark Kilby, who is now a Professor of Fetal Medicine and obstetrician at the Birmingham Women’s Hospital).

“There is consistent evidence in the literature that OC is associated with adverse fetal outcome. Although this association was noted as early as 1954 many authors have reported normal fetal outcomes and regarded the condition as benign. Some clinicians still consider OC to be a benign disorder.”

If you read through this paper you will see that that we still didn’t have an incidence for ICP – that was to come later, and I will be writing about that soon!

Jenny Chambers

Raine-Fenning N, Kilby M. Obstetric cholestasis. Fetal and Maternal Medicine Review 1997; 9(1): 1–17.

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